Friday, August 3, 2012

How Should Blogging and Real Estate Meet?

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Are you kidding?  Is this even a real comparison?  Ok, I admit that it’s a huge stretch, but as both a real estate investor and a blogger sometimes I wonder which one I should spend more time working on.
A lot of beginning real estate investors buy investments that yield negative cash flow betting on appreciation to make their investment worthwhile.  Many are happy that they just breakeven on a month to month basis.  In fact, cash flow $100 to $200 per month is considered a great investment by some.

If you consider the effort and capital required to squeak out a mere $100 per month it makes you wonder if you should just put all that effort into a blog.  After all, I contend that making $100/mo blogging ($3.33/day) is a very achievable goal within a month.

When purchasing a property an investor would put thousands of dollars down, pay closings costs, advertise the property, getting a renter, collect rents, etc… in order to make $100/mo positive cash flow.
As a blogger, startup costs are virtually nothing.  It takes about 3 minutes to get into this business.  Your main asset here is your brain power.  You are in total control of this business and your operating costs are just your time and brain thoughts.

With real estate, on a single family home you cannot increase your cash flow significantly.  You have to rely on market conditions and there is a lot more risk than blogging.
I’m not saying that you should invest in blogging rather than real estate.  However, I do believe that a person who is looking to gain some semi-passive income in the form of a few hundred dollars a month should looking into blogging.  Blogging is virtually no risk and is truly a work from home job.  Everyone has a hobby or passion that they can write about.  There are readers and advertisers for every topic.


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